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2019 steuben medal winner

MARK E. ACKERMAN (L-155)-3rd from left

  It's official, the Medal Desk has notified us of the winner of the Steuben Association Medal and it will be awarded to FF Mark E. Ackerman of Ladder 155 on June 5th in City Hall Plaza. President John Louthan will be the presenter. We congratulate Mark on his heroic rescue the night of November 5th, 2018. Read all about it:

    The night tour of Nov 5th 2018 started out like any other at E302 and Ladder 155 “The Vipers Nest.  Lt Daly gave out the positions and FF Ackerman was assigned “The Roof” In the FDNY that comes with a big responsibility and is a position that should never be taken lightly.  Little did FF Ackerman know that in the upcoming hours a man's life was going be in his hands. At 23:30 hrs a call came in for a report of a fire in a private dwelling at the intersection of 142 Street and 123 avenue. This location was very close to quarters and as soon as Ladder 155 pulled out they could see the smoke and knew they were going to work.  E-302, the normally assigned first due engine was currently operating at another box in the area and L155 would be responding without them.

Upon arrival, heavy fire was visible from the front and exposure 2 side of 142-16 123 Ave and

Lt. Daly transmitted the 10-75 reporting “Heavy Fire” on the first floor of a 2 story peaked roof private dwelling.”  Ladder 155 was going to be operating with no engine company on scene.

Ladder 155’s inside team quickly forced entry and attempted a search but were immediately driven back by heavy fire and heat.  Simultaneously, L155s LCC FF Rooney was setting up the rig and noticed a victim at the 2nd floor front window and immediately notified the officer via handie talkie.  There were no windows on the exposure 2 or 4 sides of the building and heavy fire was now venting from the front windows and began to auto expose to the 2nd floor thus making entry from the front all but impossible.

FF Ackerman, upon size up and listening to the handie talkie transmissions quickly realized that the rear of the structure was going to be his best bet at making it inside and initiate an aggressive search.

FF Ackerman notified FF Pfieffer who was the OV to set up a portable ladder to the exposure 2 side of the rear setback and attempt entry.  FF Ackerman then proceeded to force the rear door and began a primary search on the 1st floor. He immediately encountered high heat and zero visibility.  Knowing that no engine was on scene, he knew that he had to make the second floor or the victim would surely perish. While searching on the first floor FF Ackerman passed a door that was partially burned thru but continued his aggressive search and quickly found the interior stairs.  As he ascended the stairs he was forced to his stomach from the intense heat but braved thru it and upon reaching the top he made a sharp left turn and headed towards the last known location of the trapped occupant. His persistence quickly paid off and he found a large semi-conscious victim.  The victim, Mr Vincent has severe mental disabilities and along with being traumatized and barely conscious, complicated the rescue effort. FF Ackermans experience not only as a veteran FF but also a United States Marine would ensure him to complete this mission successfully. FF Ackerman continued to drag the victim back towards the stairs and found them to be now consumed in fire.  

As this was happening  FF Pfieffer who was making entry via the portable ladder on the rear setback began to verbally call to FF Ackerman.  FF Ackerman dragged the victim toward FF Pfieffer voice. FF Ackerman used his body to shield the victim as they passed the stairwell and after approximately 40 ft they reached the rear window and successfully removed the victim from the building.  While assisting with the removal efforts FF Pfieffer received burns and within seconds the 2nd floor was fully involved in fire. In following the long standing traditions of the FDNY FF Ackerman acted bravely and ignored any danger to himself to search, locate and successfully remove this victim.  Let it be known that there is no question that the actions of FF Ackerman save the life of Mr Vincent and will be honored on Medal Day for it.

Mark's Bio:

Mark is a 14 year veteran of FDNY. This will be his 2nd medal day medal, receiving one last year. Mark resides in Farmingville with wife Tracey and their four children;  John (20), Brenden (18), Stone (12), and Jackson (5). Mark's hobbies include hunting & fishing. He also enjoys carpentry, electric and plumbing work. 

Grand Council - John Wellenreuther Scholarship

John Wellenruether pictured right with John Rohr Sr. (ctr) and John Rohr Jr. (left)

Grand Council of Steuben Associations Inc.

 I am pleased to announce the first Grand Council, 

John Wellenreuther Scholarship, 

which will be awarded in July of 2019. 

Accompanying this letter is an application for the scholarship. The eligibility for applicants will be based on students in their senior year of high school. Two $500 scholarships will be awarded. 

Given the make-up of the Grand Council, only those students who are the Children or Grand Children of an Active or Retired member of one of the Member Associations of the Grand Council will be eligible to submit an application. Further, the student must demonstrate an interest in Community Service to their community. Academic requirements for applicants are: 

a 90 average. 

The applicant also must submit their SAT/ACT scores. 

The deadline for submitting applications is May 22, 2019. Award recipients will be announced by July 1, 2019 and the scholarship will be awarded on July 8, 2019, German-American Night at Eisenhower Park, at the Grand Council Picnic. Applications are to be mailed so as to be received no later than May 22, 2019. (No applications received after May 22, 2019 will be considered.) 

Very truly yours, Michael W. Schablin 

President The Grand Council of Steuben Associations in Civil Service, New York 

Send Applications to: 

Grand Council of Steuben Associations – Scholarship 

1657 Wantagh Avenue Wantagh, New York 11793 

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